“Are We There Yet” October 2018

A public performance in collaboration with performance artist Rene Donders, performed in lower manhattan on the streets.

An Old Sled, Ball in Cup game, chains, rope, potting soil/dirt, carrot and stick consisting of a tree branch and glass sphere prism, speaker attached to chest w/ sounds produced by Oya Damla

Sled was chained to Damla’s body and arms, which was dragged for a full mile on concrete sidewalks and asphalt streets while Rene played Ball In Cup on the sled and rode along completely immersed in his game and own amusement. Sounds of oceans, bees, trees and forests were projected from a speaker strapped to Damla’s chest throughout the performance.

The piece was specifically designed to induce pain in order to experience the physical sensation of bearing the weight of the childlike “masculine” forces / “man” kind’s incessant need for amusement in the form of industrial/ capitalistic/ patriarchal domination & destruction of the “feminine” forces i.e. mother earth / all child -bearing- educating- women/ mothers and healers. The carrot and stick in the form of a prism with a head lamp shining onto it serves to symbolize the illusion of light at the end of the tunnel or “enlightenment,” perhaps a reward/ incentive to keep moving forward in hopes that the load will “lighten” despite the weight and pain induced by each step/ upheaval of heavy metal grinding onto pavement.