Performance for Opening Night of the New Grace Exhibition Space Venue in Manhattan, NY September 7th 2018 (photo documentation by Mariya Dimov, Brian McCorkle )

Beer Cans & Wine Bottles collected from the attending guests throughout the night, recycling trash bag, Thank You For Shopping Here! Bag, The New Yorker (100 Printed Issues), AM/FM Radio, Art Forum Magazine Summer 2018 Vol 56 No 10, Magnum Condoms, Microphone(s) affected thru ableton, Knife and Sharpener, Magic Wand Vibrator w/contact mic amplified thru venue speakers, distorted samples from Nina Hagen’s New York New York

Sample audio from performance (does not include affected radio, neck mic and magic wand vibration sounds)

Photo Documentation by Mariya Dimov

Photo Documentation by Brian McCorkle